Rachel Greenwald Knows Why Your Date Didn't Call

rachel greenwald have him at hello

Rachel Greenwald asked 1,000 men why they didn't call back after a date.

Last night, Melanie Gorman of YourTango and Dating Makeover Coach Kira Sabin teamed up with Rachel Greenwald—the author of Have Him at Hello—for the third telechat in our Girls' Night In teleseries. After putting on our jammies and pouring some wine, we settled in as Gorman and Sabin grilled Greenwald on what we all wanted to know most: Why didn't he call?

In putting together Have Him at Hello, Greenwald actually conducted "exit interviews" with 1,000 men, asking them point-blank why they hadn't called back after the first date. Some of her findings were unsurprising; others were a revelation. On last night's call, we learned about female archetypes like the Boss Lady, and the Debbie Downer. Unsurprisingly, men are turned off by negativity. (So are women!) Surprisingly, men aren't actually intimidated by the Boss Lady; they're just not sexually attracted to women who make them feel as if they're still at work. No matter what stereotype you fall into, remember to treat your first date or two as you would a job interview: put your best foot forward. Why Didn't He Call Back? Find Out Now

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