6 Desk To Date Style Dos and Don'ts

woman with many shoes

Going straight from the office to a date? Don't make these fashion and beauty mistakes.

Going from the office to a date night out with your guy? Don't make these fashion and beauty mistakes when you take your look from work to date.

DON'T break a leg. Remember that time you hobbled around in pain on a first date, wincing with every step and your date found it adorable and disarming? No? Listen, we love our high heels as much as the next girl, but a date is no time to take new shoes on a road test, so save yourself the trouble of lugging around a change of heels in your purse all day. He can't tell the difference between your unbearable four-inch heels and the three-inch heels you can actually walk in, so stick to a pair you've worn comfortably before.

DO stay chic and comfortable with some insoles. Dr. Scholl's isn't just for Grandma! We swear by their high heel insoles and heel liners in our favorite pairs—you're guaranteed to have a skip in your step when you meet up with your date, even if you've been on your feet all day.

DON'T overdo the makeup. It's desk-to-date, not desk-to-stage, so don't feel like you need to cancel your conference call to spend an hour in the bathroom layering on makeup. 4 Green Date Night Beauty Products

DO go for smoky, sexy eyes and leave the rest of your face almost-bare. Dior's DiorShow is a miracle in a mascara wand. Can't afford to splurge? One of our favorite drugstore finds is Maybelline New York Full 'N Soft Waterproof Mascara.

DON'T forget the sex appeal. There is a happy medium between wearing a lifeless pantsuit on a date and lugging a total change of outfit to work with you and spending your lunch break steaming your new silk dress (what, just us?). Small outfit tweaks, like changing from a ho-hum blouse into a sexy camisole to wear underneath a blazer, can make all the difference. Male Take: Why Men Love Breasts

DO accessorize. Try perfume—a spray of a signature scent can take you from corporate to date-night sexy in no time. And add jewelry to your outfit, like a large statement necklace or eye-catching earrings that are too much for the office.

Readers, what's your favorite date night accessory?