Study: Paying For Online Dating Sites Is More Effective

online dating

Now, we'd think that any sane person would devote 50 minutes to the superior match and 10 minutes to the inferior one, just to scope that person out. Researchers, however, found that the time people gave to the inferior match depended on how much the dating site cost. People who had paid very little, if anything, for the dating site readily committed their time to the blind date. For instance, men who had paid $50 upfront spent 49 minutes on the online date, while those who paid nothing spent only 28 minutes on that same date.

By extension, people who pay for online dating services are more likely to contact matches more selectively, which means that on paid sites, you'll probably receive a lot less spam and inane one-line messages. At the same time, the study does not measure what people consider an investment. Money is an obvious one, but what about time? People who use free sites may spend so much time completing the quizzes, filling out the profile, and doing surveys that they'll end up seeing those hours as a commitment. Time is money, after all.

Which do you prefer paying for online dating services or using the free ones? How have the results of this study applied to your own experiences with online dating?

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