10 Hottest Flat-Chested Celebs

kate hudson post breakup boob job

Say it ain't so, Kate!

We really hope your recent breakup with that good-for-nothing (except baseball and the occasional meaningless romp in the hay) Alex Rodriguez dude didn't cause you to get a boob job, as Hollywood Life reported.

That commitment-phobe should make no one feel so bad about their perfect, round A-cups as to have to get an augmentation.

While we strongly suspect that's just some push-up magic happening, we decided to take this opportunity to pay tribute to a few other small-breasted stars. What is it with Hollywood and boob jobs? Here's proof that there are at least 10 gorgeous celebs without D-cups and huge cleavage (and we know there are actually many, many more).  Read: Kate Hudson Is So Over Alex Rodriguez

1. Julia Stiles

2. Selma Blair

3. Lucy Liu

4. Debra Messing

5. Cameron Diaz Read: Cameron Diaz And Alex Rodriguez Hook Up

6. Claire Danes Read: Claire Danes Is Engaged

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7. Mena Suvari

8. Gwyneth Paltrow

9. Keira Knightley Read: 7 Female Celebs We'd Like To Kiss

10. AnnaLynne McCord Read: AnnaLynne McCord Is Dating Kellan Lutz Again