Gay Open Relationships


Navigating a gay open relationship

My partner and I are have only had 8+ months of connection but it was spot on from our second meeting.  At 4 months we chose to move in together with some of my friends saying thats way to early.  It was my friends that were scaring me not my partner.  He was very open about what he wanted in a long term relationship with it being open.  This is a road I've never travel before and had to really think about "is this the path I want to take for me".  We have had 5 experiences with an additional man in the bedroom and can say it didn't hurt our relationship at all.  It also added some spice for fantasy which has led to better and better sex.  I now know a this man better than any man I have in my entire dating life.  I have to say communication, communication, and commmunication is athe key. 

Currently, I have three rules CONDOMS, not in our bed, and no mouth to mouth kissing.  Any other gay or lebian couples who want to share something with us please feel free to contact us at