Did Britney Spears Abuse Boyfriend Jason Trawick?

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick
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Tabloid stalkers allege that Britney violently assaulted Jason in her car.

Several sources are reporting that Britney Spears freaked out on her boyfriend/manager/babysitter Jason Trawick on Tuesday, and the argument ended with Britney physically abusing Jason. Are Apologies Enough After Domestic Abuse?

X17 posted pictures last week of Britney crying behind the wheel of her SUV, and followed up with an explanation that she was crying after photographers witnessed her violent altercation with Jason. According to their story, Britney went to Jason's place after working out at the gym, and the two drove off—she in her car with her bodyguard and Jason following behind. Jason eventually decided he wanted to join Brit in her car and have the bodyguard drive his, so he called Britney and asked her to pull over. When she did, cars began "honking at her," which evidently frustrated Britney to the point of pummeling her boyfriend when he finally got in the car. The paparazzo says that Britney "hit Jason in the face five or six times" and continues:

Britney was really upset. It looked like she was taking out years of frustration on Jason when she was hitting him. It wasn't like this was anger from one incident. It looks like she hates the guy! Why would you do that to someone you love?

What's weird about this is that X17 has several pictures of Britney (with Jason) in the car, just crying. If their photographer stalker witnessed this alleged assault, why aren't there photos of that? Come on, these people tail Britney 24/7. Are we supposed to believe that a photographer saw a fight, but didn't get his camera ready in time to capture it on film?

Despite that lack of evidence, In Touch and The National Enquirer are running the story, with the Enquirer claiming that the incident was not just a case of road rage. Their insider says that Brit went nuts after Jason turned down her marriage proposal (apparently, not the first one). Britney Spears To Marry A Third Time

In this version of the story, there is no mention of Britney's trip to the gym. Instead, it starts with Britney and Jason at a meeting with her lawyers. The Enquirer's source explains: "Britney thought getting married would be a good strategy to bring an end to her father’s conservatorship, but Jason wasn’t on board with it at all. Britney has begged Jason to marry her, and he’s repeatedly told her no. When the meeting with her lawyers didn’t go her way, it put Britney in a horrible mood."

Allegedly, in this "horrible mood," Britney and Jason went shopping at Barneys, where Brit started ordering Jason around and treating him "like a servant" in front of the staff, leaving Jason visibly annoyed. When he told Britney that it was time to go, she "threatened to end his career." It was after leaving the store that the two got in the car and Brit physically took out her anger on Jason.

Not sure if we're believing this one just yet, but we won't be surprised if it's true. Brit's been trying really hard to be a good girl recently, but not having control of her own life must be getting to her.

Scoop via X17 and Celebitchy. Photo via BOZ/FlynetPictures.com.