Is Ryan Phillippe Getting Serious With Amanda Seyfried?

ryan phillipe amanda seyfried

Is Ryan just stringing Amanda along? Or is their relationship the real deal?

Could Hollywood "It" girl Amanda Seyfried be Ryan Phillippe's new girlfriend? Recent signs point to yes. E! Online says the pair was "laughing and flirty" on a recent rainy excursion to LA's trendy 3rd Street for some Christmas shopping and lunching at Quality Food.

"They've been hanging out a lot," said E!'s source. "They both are surprised they haven't been caught by the paparazzi."

We're a little surprised too, considering the pair has likely been canoodling ever since their initial hookup at Kate Hudson's Halloween party back in October. And they're getting more brazen about it, too: on Tuesday, the two hit up a secret Foo Fighters club show in Hollywood, and last week, they were spotted dining at the exclusive Soho House, where a source snitched that they were "laughing and kissing the whole time." Are Ryan Phillippe & Amanda Seyfried Hooking Up?

Sounds like things are definitely heating up, but we have to wonder about the couple’s long-term prospects. After all, Amanda (best known for her work in Big Love, Mamma Mia and Mean Girls) is an emerging star on the rise, with no fewer than three movies slated for release in the next year. It’s no secret that Ryan had issues coming to terms with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon’s success, so it seems somewhat probable that the same issues could surface. Reese Witherspoon On Divorce, Moving On

Star has also posed the possibility that Ryan could be stringing Amanda along, saying that he backed out of a planned romantic getaway and has been somewhat wishy-washy about keeping plans with the young starlet.

"[He’s] blown [her] off on a few occasions, and it just crushes her," a source told Star (via Celebitchy).

Time will tell whether purported player Ryan is up to his old tricks, but maybe Amanda will be the one he doesn't let get away. If all goes well, perhaps these two will find Big Love of their own...