Is Joe Jonas Two-Timing Ashley Greene?

joe jonas

Joe Jonas reportedly got randy in Rio De Janeiro with an unnamed brunette.

Forget the Jonas Brothers' 3D movie - we think a documentary of their most recent tour would be much more interesting. After all, there's the fallout from Demi Lovato's supposed dancer beatdown and subsequent rehab, and all the goss surrounding middle brother Joe and his current lady love, Ashley Greene. Though recent buzz has had the pair supposedly moving in together and talking marriage, newer reports aren't quite as cozy.

Fans who encountered the pop star and his entourage on their recent tour stop in Rio De Janeiro are saying that Joe's been more naughty than nice this Christmas season. According to these tipsters, Joe was spotted in the hotel pool playing kissyface with an unidentified brunette. Is Ashley Greene Next To Be Dumped By Joe Jonas?

"The next day, I woke early and went down into the lobby where a mom was complaining about how her 14-year-old daughter was crying all night because she couldn’t get a picture with Joe since he was so intoxicated and making out with a random tan brunette in the pool around 3 AM," a mother of one fan told Dishin' The Dirt. "Immediately, other fans gathered and started discussing it because they too saw Joe from part of the hotel building playing ‘towel snatch’ with the girls."

Oh, yes, and speaking of towels, Joe was also getting up close and personal with several of his backup dancers – namely Dani and Shorty (victim of the aforementioned beatdown.) Another mother gossiped that she shared a "revealing" elevator ride with the trio and Joe’s brunette of choice.

"Both dancers were nearly nude with only a towel covering their private parts, while Dani would slip the towel slowly off her body and say, 'Oh Joe, you like what you see?' - in a playing matter of course," she said. "Once we reached their floor, Joe departed the elevator hand-in-hand with the unknown girl, while both dancers left making out."

Sounds quite scandalous for someone who sported a purity ring until not too long ago! Although, has anyone stopped to consider that the brunette in question might actually be Ashley? Doubtful, but perhaps the fans were so focused on Joe that they neglected to recognize their fave Twilight bombshell. Too bad there's no documentary footage to find out!