He's Just Fine Being Single, Thanks

single man eating cereal watching tv

One man has chosen to be single, and wishes everyone would stop judging because of it.

There are so many great things about being single. But by the way our friends, family, government and Olive Garden waitresses treat us, you'd think being single made you some tragic donkey, hopelessly alone and destined to careen off a cliff with no one around to hear your last heehaw.

Guess what? Some of us are single by design. Some of us like it. Lemondrop: 8 Awesome People Who Died Single And Alone

I'm not trying to be an ingrate—I get that some people are inquisitive about my relationship status because they care and they want to see me happy. But what if I already am happy? It's like crawling ashore after a shipwreck and having someone smash one of those life-saver donuts over your head. I'm OK, jackass!

Most people don't go out of their way to make you feel bad when you're single—they just make you feel bad by being themselves. To a lot of people, being "normal" means coupling off, sandbagging yourself against the onslaught of existence by finding somebody to bitch to about your boss and the line at Trader Joe's, somebody who also lets you squeeze their breasts. But life has become this ridiculous "single/not single" binary divide in which the uncoupled are treated as incomplete, awaiting further instructions.

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Written by [Redacted] Guy for Lemondrop.