Lol, emoticons and online dating.


Laughter is a great way to break ice and disarm. But don’t put “lol” next to everything you write. I like apples lol. I like swimming lol. I like laugh out loud at my own jokes lol.


Seriously, is everything you say “laugh out loud” funny? When I see that throughout an email, all I can picture is someone laughing nervously and uncontrollably. It’s not a confident or inviting impression.


Use lol sparingly.


Also, those animated bopping emoticons? Think twice. They look like little stickers you get in grade 3 when you’ve done a good job of your homework. It started with smiling faces. Now there are chili peppers, devil faces, bananas. I have no idea what they’re supposed to accomplish and why an adult would splatter them all over a profile meant to attract online suitors. When did a bouncing chili pepper become seductive?


Being funny or lighthearted is great. Relying on cyber lingo and cartoons could be considered lazy. Instead, make the effort to disarm and engage your online love interest in a way that’s adult and genuine.


Emoticons don’t replace writing with emotion and colour. Besides, they’re so silly.  : 0