Do Female Breadwinners Have Better Sex?

woman with money in the air
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For this alpha-female, being the breadwinner means better sex.

Fact: I want to be a successful businesswoman. I never want to feel like I have to rely on a man to pay for my clothes, travel, entertainment, food, housing... anything. Which is not say I don't enjoy receiving gifts, but when it comes to my relationships, I've made a conscious decision to strive to be the breadwinner. Lemondrop: Marry Him—A Look At The Divisive Book That Urges You To "Settle"

I think it's important to preface this whole philosophy with a little background information. I grew up in small-town New York where almost every one of my friends' mothers was a stay-at-home mom. My mother, on the other hand, was a high-powered businesswoman taking over the accounting world one high-wealth client at a time. My dad became the person my younger brother and I turned to for help with our homework, the regular fetcher of forgotten items at home, and our ride to soccer practice on weekends. Lemondrop: Call Him My "Wusband"—Why I Vote We Should Abolish "Husband" And "Wife"

All that is not to say that my mom wasn't present or influential in my life. Despite having a stereotypical "man's job," my mother was not an overworked, tired, bitter woman who did not have time to get to know her kids because she was too busy taking care of her tumbler of scotch.

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Written by G. Cecile Cooper for Lemondrop.