Are Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Planning An Indian Wedding?

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Like Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Brangelina is rumored to be getting hitched in a Hindu ceremony.

Forget having a DJ, if there was one must-have wedding accoutrement this year, it was an elephant. Russell Brand rode in on one during his Indian wedding bash to Katy Perry in October, Nicole Richie posed for photos next to one at her recent wedding, and, now, it's rumored that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are planning a Hindu wedding sometime next year. And if Brangelina has an elephant at their wedding too, you better believe that all of the wedding blogs and magazines will soon be running articles about how to rent an elephant for your big day.

Although Brad and Angelina have 6 kids (and have repeatedly shot down wedding rumors before,) the Globe and Mail is reporting that the most famous couple in the world is planning on getting hitched in Jodhpur, India in 2011.

Reportedly, the globe-trotting couple picked India because they want to have the Hindu priest that supposedly "saved" their relationship (through yoga and meditation, no less) be "front and center" at their wedding. And, in a move that seems more like the alternate ending to Eat Pray Love than it does real life, Brad and Angie want to get married at his ashram. Brad & Angelina Marrying For The Kids

Although we're a bit skeptical that Brangelina would want to try and copy-cat Russell Brand and Katy Perry's Indian wedding so soon afterwards, this is the couple who put the African country Namibia on the map by having their daughter Shiloh's birth there, so it does seem more likely that when and if they get married, they would tie the knot in a more exotic locale than, say, Malibu. (Plus Brad already did the traditional, California wedding when he married ex Jennifer Aniston in 2000, and while we wouldn't quite call either one of Angelina's previous weddings to Jonny Lee Miller in 1996 and Billy Bob Thorton in 2000 "traditional" exactly, due to the fact that she wore leather pants and a white T-shirt decorated with her own blood during the first one and got hitched on the Las Vegas strip in blue jeans for the second, they were still both, technically, stateside.)

So, what do you think, CelebLove readers? Is this just another wacky rumor, courtesy of a Canadian tabloid? Or is Brangelina really planning on riding the elephant wedding trend while it's still hot?