Is Charlie Sheen Having An Affair While In Rehab?

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen

Rumor has it that Charlie is cheating on Brooke Mueller with model/escort Angelina Tracy.

The latest issue of In Touch magazine claims that while Charlie Sheen has been in rehab, trying to prove to wife Brooke Mueller that he's "a changed man," he's actually been having an affair with lingerie model Angelina Tracy.

Word on the street is that Angelina is also a $3,000 per hour escort. While there's no evidence to suggest that Charlie is paying Angelina for sex, it's not out of the realm of possibility. After all, he was one of Heidi Fleiss's top clients, so this wouldn't be the first time he's hooked up with a hooker. Why Do Men Buy Sex?

Apparently, Charlie once brought Angelina back to his place while Brooke was out of town, and it's alleged that he's been sneaking out of his Malibu treatment facility to meet up with his side piece. On April 7, In Touch caught Charlie in a ridonk disguise (hoodie, shades, porn mustache) entering Angelina's home and then leaving about an hour later. A witness said, "[Charlie] ran down to his car. It seemed like he wanted to leave as quickly as possible." Tracking Your Partner Via GPS: Would You Do It?

Now Charlie's rep is pulling the "it's not what it looks like" routine on us, offering up this lame explanation: "The woman in question is the sister of one of Sheen's campmates and Sheen was only responding to a 12th-step call. Since Sheen knew he was being followed and how this would look, he wore the moustache in a tongue-in-cheek disguise gesture."

Hmm, "12th-step call." Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Scoop via New York Daily News and In Touch. Photo via AR/