New Trend: Newlyweds Put The Volunteer In Honeymoon

newlywed couple volunteer honeymoon

Newlywed couples are trading in their honeymoon for a honeyteer... or volunmoon, if you prefer.

There's a new trend that's changing the way couples honeymoon. Instead of celebrating their nuptials with just an international or Carribean getaway, newlyweds are devoting some of their time to volunteer with the local communities of their destination.

Yes, a "honeyteer" is a honeymoon where the couple spends a week or two volunteering, generally in a foreign country. According to Tonic, this idea lets couples "travel off the beaten path," and it encourages them to leave their resorts and really get to know the people of the country. 4 Eco-Friendly Ways To Love

Tonic outlined the physical and emotional benefits of volunteering, as it encourages couples to explore places they might never have experienced or considered otherwise. Giving to others or projects in need can be a powerful bonding experience for you and your partner, because it pushes you out of your comfort zone and creates opportunity for the two of you to take on new and challenging tasks. In addition to that, "it's a great way to learn more about your mate and discover new reasons to be attracted to him or her." After The Honeymoon Is Over

Couples can either devote their entire time away to volunteer work, or they can divide the time however they see fit. It all depends on what the two of you are comfortable doing. If you do want honeyteer, Tonic suggests couples first consider their mutual interests. Ask yourselves what it is you want to do, "from volunteering with dolphins to helping clean-up efforts after a major disaster." There are thousands of organizations willing to help, like Volunteer Abroad, which offers affordable programs in popular destinations like Peru and Kenya.

This trend can enrich the lives of couples with new cultures and customs that they can't experience or appreciate from the comfort of their resort. It's a viable option to consider, especially since there are really no downsides. A great vacation, a good deed, AND the chance to get closer to your man? Sign us up.

Would you consider honeyteering? Why or why not?

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