Are More Men Cooking to Get Laid?

Are More Men Cooking to Get Laid?

Cooking has come a long way since the 1950’s when the kitchen was considered a no man’s land. But now that so many of today’s top chefs are males who are dominating the culinary scene, an increasing number of men are venturing into the culinary world. In the past, women were taught that the key to a man’s heart was through his stomach. But today’s single guys are turning that upside down, as they have realized that a home cooked meal and a bottle of wine can be the recipe for success when wooing a woman. So guys, if you are looking to sharpen you knifing skills or increase your recipe repertoire of hot date night dishes, you need not step away from your computer. Thanks to a variety of online media properties, bachelors can receive an education in cooking on the Internet. At Cooking for Bachelors TV, host and creator JYL Ferris delivers step-by-step recipe demonstrations via video instruction.  And there are more than 70 webisodes as well as shopping guides you can download, with a marketplace where you can purchase kitchen essentials.

Culinary Seductions, which touts itself as “the guys guide to cooking for girls” has been around for close to two years. In addition to videos, the website has cooking articles, product reviews and menu ideas like their 4 Course Spring Fling option which includes helpful mood setting tips. Though this site has a long way to go in terms of design and maturity, the nice thing about it is that recipes are categorized based on moods, which can be pretty helpful if you’re looking to prepare something sensual, sexy, snuggly or sassy.

Then of course there is the website, which has just been turned into a book entitled: Cook to Bang: The Lay Cook's Guide to Getting Laid. Though the names of each recipe are sometime silly and super x-rated, don’t let that fool you. The author is a trained chef and the dishes are delicious!
Here are some teasers!

Tap that ASS-PARAGUS Soup

½ tablespoon of salt
2 cups of chicken broth
2 tablespoons of olive oil
½ cup of plain yogurt
6 ounces of lump crab meat (fresh or from can)
1 onion, chopped coarsely
½  lemon
1 pound of asparagus (fresh or frozen)
Black pepper to taste   Step 1 On medium heat, sauté the chopped onions until they are soft like the heart of your date.  Chop the asparagus into 1inch pieces and then throw into them into the stockpot.  Cook for 3 minutes until the asparagus softens.   Step 2 Squeeze the entire lemon half and follow it up with the chicken stock.  Bring it all to a roaring boil. Turn the heat down low and simmer while covered with a lid for 20 minutes.  While you wait you it is suggested you make a subtle move, perhaps a warm embrace, or nibble on the ear.  You have plenty of time still.   Step 3 Remove the lid.  The asparagus should have bled green into the stock and the vegetables become quite soft.  Fully puree the concoction.   Step 4 Blend in the yogurt into the puree so it is mixed evenly.  Throw in all the crab, but mix it with a spoon, do not puree.  You want your date to taste the crab, thus realizing just how classy you are.  Now serve into a bowl and let the night unfold naturally.

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