Community: Would These 7 Pick-Up Lines Work On You?

would this pick-up line work on you?

So you need the best pick up lines? Well guess what? You have arrived at the right place. But wait...Let me warn you a bit here. If you are looking for those funny/witty pick up lines which don't really make much sense then you have come to the wrong place.

What you are going to discover here is a collection of real life...Proven...Field-tested & known to be the best pick up lines which will get you massive amounts of success with women from all walks of life.

The normal lines found across the web only give you a bunch of one liners which might or might not work...But what I am about to share with you...Will not only give you solid openers but comeback lines too...Which will help you seal the deal real fast.

Alright! I hope you are ready for them... So lets get to it.

1st of the best pick up lines...

Wow! Your hair is pretty shiny...Is that even real (Touch it at this point). WOW! It does seem real. What shampoo do you use? I'll ask my mum to get me the same.

2nd of the best pick up lines...

Hey...Your eyes are so cute. No wait! I think the left one is cuter than the right one

3rd of the best pick up lines...

What a cute little dress you are wearing today...You look like such a Barbie in it. Your mum dressed you very nice today. I am sure you must be proud of her.

4th of the best pick up lines...

Stare at the girl...And when she looks back at you say: Will you quit staring at me like that? You are making me shy...Come on stop it already. You are looking at me like a fat kid looks at a cheese burger.