Old Guys Still Interested In Doing It

scandalized old people in front of computer

Elderly Australian men are still very interested in sex.

Before we get into the old guys, please enjoy this little nugget from The Onion (this is not remotely safe for work). Gripping, pounding stuff, right?

And old dudes feel the same way. According to Reuters, a study of older Australian men showed that they wanted sex more regularly. Essentially, libido does dip as men age, but some men stay very interested in sex as their bodies still produce goodly amounts of testosterone. Of the 2,700 men polled between the ages of 75 and 95, roughly half still found sex to be between somewhat and very important, though less than a third were getting it with any regularity. Which means that around 20 percent of old Australian men are not getting the sexin' they want. Single In Australia: Older Men Date Younger Women

For the randy fifth, the cold showers aren't just a result of no one wanting to see their wrinkled backsides bouncing hither and thither; disease and body chemistry are also important factors. Though you'd imagine that the prospect of not being able to achieve or maintain an erection would also keep some of these dudes from cruising the bingo parlors and Metamucil cafes for something frisky with a new hip.

The largest correlation between sex drive and age is testosterone level. Theoretically, providing hormone replacement could improve the quality of some men's sex lives later in life. And you've probably seen a ton of commercials blaming "low T" on middle-age sex drive loss and general malaise. But while figuring out how body chemistry affects us is always a good thing, slamming a guy with hormones and hoping for hard-ons sounds like a recipe for prostate cancer. Either way...

Do we want more old men lecherously watching Kylie Minogue videos? Is sex an important part of an older person's life?