Community: 7 Signs He's Cheating


It seems like lately, the cheating spouse virus has turned into a full blown epidemic (cough cough Tiger cough). You can't turn on the T.V. or open a magazine without being blasted in the face with the latest cheating celebrity scandal. Unfortunately, with the media shining its spotlight on infidelity, some of us are left to question the sanctity of our own relationships.  So,  you think your partner might be sneakin' around behind your back? Starting to doubt that those texts are really from "a friend"? Well look no further, here are The 7 Tell Tale Signs that they've been sleeping around.

DISCLOSURE:  This list (except number 1) is a compilation of signs, not truisms. Alters in behavior may not be automatically tied to cheating. So before you light their clothes on fire make sure you know for sure.

7. Constantly getting calls from someone of the opposite sex

All right, I am not condoning looking at your spouses phone like a crazy stalker. And if by chance you see it's another male or female you don't know…not a big deal. Your significant other is allowed to have friends of the opposite sex. However, if he/she looks at the phone with shifty eyes, doesn't answer it around you, or that person keeps calling back, well that's cause for alarm.

6. Low sex drive

Body language speaks a thousand words. Watch if that person starts to shy away from you, especially if you used to have naked spooning every night. Also, continuous reasons for not feeling well are a bad sign. No one has a headache seven days a week.

Now if a guy loses his sex drive? Whoa nelly. Not saying females are far less horny, but honestly, the adage "men are only after one thing" has generally proven to be true. All they want to do is zoom a zoom zoom zoom in your boom boom.

5. A shut down in communication/emotional distance

He/she starts becoming very independent and distant from you. Not to be confused with a rough patch, emotional and physical cheating are different but one and the same. If you are getting the voicemail, unreturned texts, and a lack in luster, that does not necessarily mean he/she is sleeping around. Still, watch out for an extreme change in behavior.

4. Accuses YOU of cheating

If a person cheats and gets away with it, he/she might be experiencing a wave of plaguing guilt. This hector projector is unconsciously attributing the shame and culpability onto you. Cheaters tend to be extremely jealous people.  Plus, if your partner decides to get STD checks "just to be sure we're both still clean"…hmmm.

3. Suddenly busy during nights for "random" things

The old excuse of "Um, I have to stay home and wash my hair" is long gone. Instead, look for continuous opposite or unusual excuses. For instance, if your mate has never cracked open a book in their whole existence, I doubt the library is really where it's at.

2. Starting fights for no reason

It's likely the cheater is going down a shame spiral and in turn, might want to break things off. Constant blow-ups that leave you scratching your head could be his/her tactic for breaking off without fessing up to the dirty deed. For some, it's easier to fabricate a lie than to tell the truth.

1. Screams another name during sex

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Cut that person out of your life. Snip snip!