YourTango Video Is A 2010 Webby Award Honoree

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Facebook Manners And You was named an official honoree in the 2010 Webby Awards.

About a year ago, YourTango's video team—headed up by our brilliant video producer, Kevin Osgood—created the extremely popular Facebook Manners and You, an extended webisode spotlighting a couple—Alice and Timmy—apparently incapable of conducting themselves properly on Facebook. (Tomfoolery writer Tom Miller shines as the male lead.) The video serves to teach viewers the dos and don'ts of Facebook breakups.

Lo and behold, the video went viral, and the comments piled up. Unsurprising, considering how hilarious it was (if we do say so ourselves).

It seems we're not the only ones who thought so, because Facebook Manners and You has been named an official honoree in the 2010 Webby Awards, in the categories of Best Writing and Comedy: Individual Short or Episode. Of the more than 8,000 entries submitted, fewer than 15 percent were distinguished as Official Honorees, so we feel extra special. It also doesn't hurt that we're honored among such luminaries as Will Ferrell and the CollegeHumor team.

This acknowledgment comes just as we're getting ready to launch an entire web series based upon Alice and Timmy. Eager for a sneak peek? No problemo. Check out this video of the 51 Things In Alice & Timmy's Rooms (for those of you not glued to YouTube trends, "51 Things..." is a popular video concept on the site). Did we mention the new series will reveal how Alice and Timmy, who had such a famously bad Facebook breakup, met in the first place? Full doses of video hilarity are coming soon...