Oprah Winfrey: Not A Lesbian, Just Asexual

oprah winfrey asexual

In Kitty Kelly's new book Oprah: A Biography, Oprah did some pretty gay things:

Orchid spreads and a one-carat toe ring for Diane Sawyer.

$50,000 in hush money for an ex-boyfriend to keep quiet about her gay brother and "some lesbian affairs."

A "too close" relationship with Gayle King that has torn her family apart. Is Oprah Gay? Finally, Confirmation

All this and yet the author concludes that Oprah is, in fact, not gay. Oprah, she believes, is "asexual." Life As An Asexual

"She is 56 years-old, she would almost have to be described as 'asexual' because she has put all of her sexual energies into her work, into her career, into building her empire and the financial rewards that she has gotten have been enough, really, to sustain her," Kelley told Reuters.

Makes sense, wouldn't you say?

Other revelations Kitty Kelly claims as true include an embellished past — the sexual abuse never really happened, apparently — separate bedrooms for her and longtime love Stedman Graham, and a lingering question mark over the identity of her father.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.