Does Marriage Make Men Softies?

man giving thumbs up

Unmarried men far likelier to exhibit "antisocial" behavior.

There is a theory that if we locked away all dudes from puberty through car rental age (25), we'd erase the lion's share of violence. Young men do really dopey things (sometimes to look cool for chicks) and, periodically, those things get people hurt, killed or arrested. I'm not sure I buy into the theory, but the men who survive their 20s seem to make much better decisions. Survival of the fittest? An issue of naturally abating testosterone levels? Or could it be that a beauty soothed their savage hard-ons? Is Marriage Just About Sex And Babies?

CBSNews has research that suggests the latter. A study of "high-risk" boys found that there is a 35 percent reduction in a man's likelihood to commit a crime after he is married. The egg/chicken of the matter questions whether already-relaxed fellows are more likely to get married in the first place. To answer that question, the researchers from Michigan State studied sets of twins (both the fun kind and the boring kind*) and discovered that those married by the time they were 29 had a much smaller likelihood for committing crimes at an earlier age. Buuuuuuuut, they say that comparing the unmarried twin to the married one shows that there is a significant drop in antisocial behavior on the part of the married brother. The study wasn't sure if there was a correlation between cohabitation and bad acting.

The whole thing is baffling, because all of my married friends are far more antisocial than the single ones. Try getting a married dude to come party on a school night and you'll see what I mean. (I suppose that a definition of "antisocial" would help me make heads or tails of this sucker.) 

Back in the day, old wives said that getting married (by that, they meant regular and expected sex) could cure acne. Maybe regular and expected sex can cure crime! And by the time the regular and expected sex dries up, most dudes have probably had enough of a drop in hormones that the prospect of robbing a liquor store or having sex seems like way more effort than watching a rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Thoughts? Does marriage chill guys out or are some dudes just ready to have their balls dropped in someone's, anyone's purse? Or is it a mixed handbag?

*Note: Fraternal twins are the boring kind.