Texting Your Mistress or Other Guy For That Affair


"Text messaging is an incredible new way to communicate with others. Every so often though, you get a text that leaves you scratching your head. Recently I got a text from my exe asking me to hang out, and when I said I couldn’t hang out the day she wanted and instead offered an alternative, she said no but said that her boyfriend was going away for two weeks and that then shed be all mine. That led to me to wonder how often people are using discreet text messages to schedule affairs while their significant others are away. I think that due to the impersonality of text messages, people are often less inhibited with what they speak because ultimately if you aren’t responsive they can say they were kidding and since you have no facial expression to judge, you don’t know if they’re lying or not. And if they are thinking about cheating it is a good way to send out feelers (I guess). What do you all think? Do you think that texting has led to an increase in the amount of affairs in relationships?"

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