Do all online daters love life?


It appears that countless singles love life so much; they make a point of saying it on their online dating profiles. It’s usually listed among a person’s various interests such as: I love cycling. I love hiking. I love life. If a day of outdoor activities gets cancelled because of bad weather, I guess it’s good to know that you always have a love of life to fall back on.  One woman even said, “most importantly, I love life”. Clearly she loves life even more than recreation and felt it necessary to make a special point of it.


From the way these dating profiles are written, I sense the reason why singles feel they have to say “love life” is because, somehow, they think being single implies being unhappy with life. But why would anyone think that?  


I’m a vegetarian. When I used to smoke, people would say “but you’re a vegetarian, how can you smoke?”  Enjoying nicotine and disliking a cooked dead animal are very different. Nevertheless, even then I saw some sort of nebulous relationship. Yet, I absolutely can’t get my head around how being single relates to whether or not you love life.


Anyone who thinks that being single means you must be suicidal or a candidate for anti-depressants is probably someone who’s annoyingly happily married. Those are not the people you’ll meet on dating sites. So relax and don’t feel the necessity to say you love life on your online dating profile. Being single and your happiness with life are two different subjects. Instead of a trite, blanket statement like “love life”; give details on what makes your life such a joy to live. 


More importantly, don’t feel that being single means there must be some deficit in your life. Instead, just recognize that you have a great life to share with the right one when he or she comes along. 

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