A Man's Perfect Date

perfect date
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One man takes us step-by-step through a dream date with his dream girl.

On top of my general gripes with what is Wrong with dating, dates and the whole dating scene, I've thoroughly plumbed the depths of my own depravity, trying to suss out what is perhaps Wrong with me, and fully explored what is Wrong with you.

But today I'm going to paint a picture of the perfect date. Lemondrop: 10 Things You Should Never Say On A First Date

I don't want perfection, nor do I strive for it, but I think it could be a helpful exercise to look at what I would deem an ideal situation, from how we meet to our first date. Perhaps we'll find out I'm hopeless or unrealistic or simple in my desires and tastes.

I've never really thought about exactly what I'm looking for, I've only known when I haven't found it. Lemondrop: Hey Ladies, Can You Stop Doing This On Dates With Me? Thanks

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Written by [Redacted] Guy for Lemondrop.