Elizabeth Taylor Denies Impending Ninth Marriage


Hollywood legend says she won't be getting hitched again.

Elizabeth Taylor did what all the 78-year-old silver screen legends are doing these days and took to Twitter today to deny rumors that she's gotten engaged to her 49-year-old manager. DameElizabeth (seriously, follow her, she's AWESOME) tweeted, "The rumors regarding my engagement simply aren't true. Jason is my manager and dearest friend. I love him with all my heart." Dame Liz has been married eight times, including once to Paris and Nicky Hilton's great-uncle, Conrad Hilton, and twice to Richard Burton. 5 Unforgettable Hollywood Love Triangles

Us Weekly reported on Friday that Elizabeth and Jason Winters, her manager of several years, had gotten engaged, and a tabloid media so wearied by horrible fake people like Heidi Montag and Jon Gosselin exploded like a mob of small children jacked on pixie sticks on Christmas morning. Look! A celebrity! A real one! WITH AN OSCAR! Who isn't Sandra Bullock! Yes, there may have been a touch of overreaction.

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But you could understand the confusion. In 2007 Elizabeth told gossip columnist Liz Smith, "Jason Winters is one of the most wonderful men I've ever known and that's why I love him. He bought us a beautiful house in Hawaii and we visit it as often as possible." When a lady's been married more than the English king her fifth and sixth husband so famously played, you can totally believe she might make it legal again. 5 Scandalous Celebrity Affairs

In conclusion, Elizabeth Taylor is fantastic and isn't this just a lovely way to start the week? Here's hoping Peter O'Toole starts tweeting and telling us all about his great times with Richard Harris and Oliver Reed. Now those were famous people.

Via CNN. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.