The Hulk Marries Jennifer McDaniel

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan says 'I do' with an action-packed ceremony replete with guns and throw-downs.

If we didn't know better, we'd almost think Hulk Hogan's recent wedding was scripted. After all, the wedding of the reality star/wrestling icon and 35-year-old Jennifer McDaniel had all the markings of a reality producer's dream: juicy conflict, dramatic declarations of love, and a scenic Florida setting.

On Tuesday night, Hogan and McDaniel wed at his Clearwater home, where a small number of guests (including offspring Brooke and Nick) gathered to watch the pair make it official. Presiding over the ceremony was "The Secret" guru Michael Beckwith, who acts as Hogan's trusted spiritual advisor. The intimate event was the culmination of two lovey-dovey years of dating, as the couple met in November 2008 and Hogan proposed last December.

Picture perfect, right? All until ambitious paparazzo Robert Martinez tried to crash the party and was swiftly attacked by family friend Ron Howard, who was acting as security guard for the festivities. Martinez retaliated by saying he was "packing a gun" and the cops were called to break up the altercation.

Never one to miss a moment in the spotlight, Hogan soon Tweeted, "Man, when you least expect it, it still gets crazy as hell. What a day! HH."

After the fracas fizzled, the show, er, ceremony went on as planned, and for Hogan's part, he couldn't be happier. His struggles have been well-documented both on-screen and off, from his nasty divorce to a potpourri of addictions to his son's tragic car accident. But life goes on, and Hogan is ready for the next chapter. Hulk Hogan's Darkest Days And Suicidal Thoughts

"This time we're really gonna make history!" he Tweeted alongside a picture of his bling-y platinum and diamond wedding band.

And try not to feel too sorry for spurned ex-wife Linda, as she’s moved on as well – to 19-year-old boy toy Charlie Hill, whom she met through her son Nick. According to the UK's Daily Mail, the pair is planning their own nuptials to be held on her yacht Alimoney (classic!) next summer. Let's hope Martinez doesn't try to get on board!