Couple Uses Facebook To Raise $30K For Their Wedding

couple uses facebook to fund wedding
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After a 14-year engagement, a British couple finally weds after raising money from Facebook.

Kate Middleton may have waited nine years for her dream wedding, but Emma Collins had to wait that, and then some. However, thanks to Facebook, she is now happily married to her fiance of 14 years, Shaun Parsons. Prince William & Kate Middleton Pose For Engagement Photos

The British couple utilized the social network in an effort to help raise money for Emma’s dream wedding and, in return, their Facebook community donated over $31,000 in cash, gifts and services. (Who knew Facebook could do more than give us an opportunity to stalk our exes and to post pictures from our ugly Christmas sweater party?) The donations came in the form of floral arrangements, limos and DJ Services, not to mention an outpouring of support from friends and family.

While true love is priceless, weddings are not, and the financial figures can be discouraging for newly engaged couples. They were for Emma and Shaun, and it's what prolonged their nuptials. So what can couples not keen to solicit wedding funds from Facebook do when money is tight but you want a wedding nonetheless?

Our friends at The Frisky offer some great tips when it comes to establishing a wedding budget, including working with what you do have and seeking out those willing to help. MSN builds upon this same sentiment teaching couples how to tie the knot without busting their budget, covering everything from affordable invitations to apparel. Second-Hand Wedding Dresses: Sad Or Savvy?

So, moral of the story: you can try your luck with Facebook, and if they don't donate your dream wedding, it doesn't mean it's out of reach for you. All you need is your man and some patience, because if Kate and Emma have taught us anything, it's that good things come to those who wait.

What do you think? Have you or anyone you know had an experience similar to Emma's?