Looking for someone real on online.

Looking for someone real on online.

I see “looking for someone real” on a lot of dating profiles. What does that mean? Real as in honest? Real as in down to earth? Real as in you match your profile and you’re not pretending to be someone else? Real as in “no need to inflate”?


If a dishonest, egotistical, misrepresenting online dater thinks you’re cute then he or she will contact you whether you like it or not.  


Think about it. Let’s say a guy who’s a player sees the profile of a good-looking woman and it reads,  “looking for someone real”. What do you think he’ll do? He’ll write, of course. What he won’t do is say to himself “Darn. She’s looking for real and I’m a total player so I’d better respect her wishes.” 


People who are dishonest and/or phony are that way because it’s to their advantage.  Being selfishly motivated, they behave without regard for others or the wishes of others.  In other words, they’ll contact you if they want. 


With respect to people who are not “real” as in not “down to earth” – they have an exaggerated opinion of themselves so it would never occur to them that you wouldn’t want to hear from them. 


When you write your online dating profile, take a critical look at what you’re writing, as well as how it will be perceived by the people who’ll read it. It’s an important piece so do it justice.


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