What to do... Cheat on a great fiance in a sexless relationship??

"Hey people,

Im a young responsible 25 years old young man, who is engaged and has a daughter with a woderful fiance and mother. Everything is swell in our 4 years of being together. We both have careers, we love each other and are still attracted to each other. However, my fiance has ZERO sex drive! and mine is in full gear! This is beginning to become an issue, considering we have talked about this problem on more than 50 occasions...not kiding.

She read books, I did research and now I'm at a point where Im suggesting counseling. Unfortunately she isn't willing to go! So now I been finding myself watching a lot of porn and talking and flirting with other ladies who are willing to satisfy me on the drop of a dime! I dont want to go there but I have needs. Any ideas??"

By Dellroid

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