Joanna Garcia & Husband Nick Swisher: Better Together?

Joanna Garcia Nick Swisher
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The 'Better With' actress and her baseball beau married last weekend in Florida, but will it last?

If you’ve watched ABC this season, you may have noticed hottie Joanna Garcia on the sitcom Better With You. Lucky girl–not only has her show been picked up for 22 episodes, but she’s also just said her "I do"s to Yankee outfielder Nick Swisher. Will Joanna’s charmed life run over into her marriage, or will her luck run out after their honeymoon? Moonit’s on the case.

According to their birth dates, Joanna (born on August 10, 1979) and Nick (born on November 25, 1980) are two people who "genuinely dig each other" a ton and "complement each other" well. It’s kind of cute that they "can’t keep their hands off each other." Ironically enough for a baller, Nick’s "whole game is actually not having game," but that tends to work well; Joanna can be "pretty assertive" in the romance department.

Not only are they "physically and emotionally synced," but they have the potential to "create a fun, affectionate world for each other." Their romantic assessment goes on to say that if they’re casually dating, "holy matrimony" and "personalized wedding bands" are totally in their relationship DNA. Joanna Garcia Gets Engaged To A Yankee

In fact, "they’ve got so much love to go ’round, kids would be a great idea for these two natural-born parents." And "since they tend to collaborate well on all fronts," they’d also make "terrific partners on a joint project."

We’re just spitballing here, but Joanna’s been doing a lot of charity work to raise awareness for cancer research. And since Nick sadly has connections to the disease through his late grandmother, this couple would be a power-packed fundraising team for a terrific cause. We’re sure no matter what they collaborate on–whether it’s philanthropy or popping out a few rugrats–they’ll be in it to win it.

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