Joe Jonas Plays House With Ashley Greene

Joe Jonas Ashley Greene

After reportedly moving in together, it looks like Joe is done with his purity ring for good.

So it looks like Twilight actress Ashley Greene has managed to get her boyfriend Joe Jonas to throw out all the rules. First, he abandoned the purity ring he used to wear as a symbol of his commitment to refrain from sex until marriage. Now, the singing heartthrob has taken another leap by moving in with her!

The scoop is that Joe is now living her with Ash at her West Hollywood apartment, according to And, according to sources that spoke to Star Magazine, it seems that Joe is really getting into being the live-in boyfriend: “Living with a woman is totally new to him. He’s going all out to make it work. He wants them to last. Joe has already bought loads of home accessories like linens, lights, and a new media center. He says Ashley has really girly tastes, so he wanted to balance out the place.”

With the speed at which they're moving, it seems that marriage would be the next logical step. But, Ashley was quoted telling Cosmopolitan that she's not quite feeling the marriage gig. As Star Magazine reports, she'd said: “I’m indifferent about marriage...I think sometimes people get married so they can say they have that person forever.”

She then shifted gears, probably keeping her boyfriend in mind: “Watch, now that I’ve said that I will be the first of my friends to get married.”

The pair's relationship has been moving pretty quickly since July, which we're guessing may not be flying so well with Joe Jonas' parents. The purity ring came off his hand pretty quick, and now he's moving in with her less than six months in the relationship? Whatever the case, Ashley must have a spell over the boy because he seems to be HOOKED, a far cry from the dumping spree he was on. Is Ashley Greene Next To Be Dumped By Joe Jonas?

In any case, we're not sure we hear wedding bells yet. But we do hope Joe and Ashley enjoy decorating their love nest and take it easy before uping the ante in their relationship any further. We wouldn't want them to crash and burn.

Photo Credit: Moonit