5 Ways NBC's "Playboy" Show Could Earn the Key to Our Hearts

bunny ear headband

Here's what could make NBC's hour-long drama "Playboy" a sexy hit.

What do you get when you marry Mad Men and Sex & the City? Potentially the new hour-long drama that's in the works over at NBC, called Playboy. Variety reports that the show would take place in the 1960s and focus on a group of women working as bunnies in Hugh Hefner's exclusive New York Playboy club. These would not be the playmates of the L.A. mansion we've followed on reality TV. Oh no, it sounds like these heroines would be more like... well, Lane Pryce's girlfriend who worked at the Playboy club in this most recent, fourth season of Mad Men

Even though it's obvious that NBC is doing its best to cash in on that same swingin' sixties success enjoyed by Don Draper and Co., they make a valid point by arguing that the premise would set the stage for "exploring the nation's changing mores and the coming sexual revolution."

Here, five characters/plot points/historical moments we hope the show explores... 

1. A Carrie Bradshaw-like character who is really a feminist reporter working undercover. Oh wait, that's Gloria Steinem! In 1963, the famous journalist donned a bunny tail and penned a famous piece about how bunnies were treated in Hef's clubs. A character based on Gloria, or one who's actually supposed to be Gloria, could certainly shake up some Clark Kent/Superman-style drama. Plus, a character based on the feminist activist would be the perfect way to round out the built-in chauvinistic aspects of the plot.

2. The opulent details of the club itself. Situated at 5 E. 59th St. in Manhattan, Hef's multi-level cocktail bar/restaurant was—almost needless to say—extravagant. In fact, it cost $28 million in today's money to build. Just like Mad Men's set designers seem to nail every last detail of Betty Draper's 1960s home or a mod-style advertising exec's office, we hope Playboy's set designers get this right. There better be a raised Piano Bar sitting atop a champagne-glass-shaped pedestal. And perhaps a sexy scene or two that takes place there. Speaking of...

3. Moments that rival the steamiest that have occurred between the walls of Sterling Cooper. Let's face it: Network TV isn't the best place to explore the infancy of the sexual revolution. But hopefully this one lands in the 10 p.m. time slot so a show about the adult entertainment industry actually, err, entertains adults. 

4. Robert Downey, Jr. as Hef and Diablo Cody playing—or writing about—a take-charge, Joan Holloway-like bunny. Robert Downey, Jr. has expressed interest in portraying Hef in an upcoming biopic to be written by former stripper Diablo Cody. Since the two are already invested in that project, maybe they'd get in board with this one, even for an episode or two. Of course, Hollywood doesn't necessarily work that way, but either name—or any other glossy, award-worthy talent—would be a coup. 

5. More showcasing hourglass curves as the ultimate in sexy, please. Modern audiences felt their jaws drop to the floor when Christine Hendricks worked her Marilyn-esque figure during the first season of Mad Men. She was—and still is—enviably "Wowza!" Hopefully NBC's bunnies will rock those same amazing, womanly curves. Of course, Hef's employees had to tuck everything into corsets that molded them into a "bizarre fantasy figure," according to one former bunny. Clearly, the show would certainly have a lot to say about 1960s standards of beauty and femininity.