Best Of The Web: Red Flags & Silver-Linings

Love, Heartbreak

Plus holiday date ideas, gift ideas and relighting that fire.

It's getting close to time to start thinking about which gift card you're going to get for your significant other. While you noodle that, here's the best the other guys had to offer the last week or so.

Sometimes the holidays are a great time to start something new but what if this handsome Magi is secretly a real Grinch? Glo has 20 signs (red flags) that this new something isn't worth your time.

And Glamour takes a slightly more positive note. They have three signs that a guy may be boyfriend material. Boyfriend but not husband material, right?

Leftos has five great ideas for holiday dates; belt buckle with mistletoe NOT included.

Over at Asylum, they have news of a pair of manties that should have a mistletoe emblazoned on it: crotchless drawers for men. Talking about a stocking stuffer!

And a gift you may want to give to the Cathy in your life: a book by the man whisperer which finds something negative about nagging. For some reason The Frisky has a problem with this.

From being nice in real life to online manners, over at the Huffington Post YourTango friend Julie Spira talks up the importance of good netiquette. Also, you should watch this video about social media addiction.

And sometimes social media takes on a life of its own. According to, some people are crowdsourcing wedding minutia.

On to something completely different, Em & Lo ( discuss the sexiest sex scenes of sex in 2010 films.

ModernMom talks a big game about 20 things a tired mom can do to get her sexual motor a-revving. Big Jim Slade?

If you don't have a good sex life, maybe you or the hubby are looking for a change. CafeMom discusses what happens when your husband wants to become swingers. Usually I'd say get drunk and see what happens but that seems wildly irresponsible and like the first scene of anything on Cinemax after 11. Let's not be derivative.

And something like that could cause a breakup. Lemondrop likes to look at the plus side of getting dropped like a sack of rotten eggs: loss of appetite! The silver-lining of a broken heart is inability to eat and the kind of nervous energy and personal discomfort that makes painful cardiovascular exercise seem like a respite. Consult a doctor if your hair starts falling out in clumps.

And LoveInTheDumps does the opposite, finding the doo-doo lining in an otherwise sunny day. Think of EW's Shaw Report but with things that will make you paranoid about even the steadiest of relationships. You're welcome!

And now for a real downer with a silver-lining: the crew at College Candy has tips on how to help a friend get out of an abusive relationship. Cloud: abusive maniac. Silver-lining: getting out quickly.

And now for something actually fun, has word from ten cute guys about what they wear when they wants to get its ons. Me: black knee-high socks, a fake mustache and a smile.

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