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what should the bf do?


a guy who is openly happy in his relationship with his gf, has introduced her to his family and and he to hers, and who is normally very considerate, is being actively pursued by a woman from a divorce group. he doesn't think it is a big deal and his gf is overeacting. this woman continues to invite him for drinks both alone and with her friends, he keeps declining, once brought his gf with him but did not introduce her as his gf and let her do it! he wants his gf to drop it and let him handle it 'his way'.

he does not understand that he is:

1. disrespecting his relationship with his gf

2. he needs to tell this woman he is flattered but he is in a relationship that his important to him and would never do anything to jeopardize it

3. he is inadvertantly  leading this woman on.

4. he is sending a message that it is more his gf than him

5. he is also sending a message that he is keeping his options open

opinions from guys and women are welcome!


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