A Good Step-Mom: Sandra Bullock Has Jesse's Kids

Sandra Bullock has custody of Jesse James' kids

Insiders say it's a positive sign about her relationship with Jesse James.

Sandra Bullock is an amazing woman. Even as the number of mistresses increase, even as her petulant, scoundrel-of-a-husband wafts in and out of sex rehab, even as she remains on the lam from constant paparazzi harassment, Sandra Bullock has made sure not to forget Jesse James' children. Jesse James Skips Rehab Because Of Sandra's Prenup

Per TMZ, sources directly connected with the couple are confirming that all three of Jesse's kids are now living with Sandra. Certainly good news for Jesse's 6-year-old daughter Sunny, whose porn star mother Janine Lindemulder even admitted would be better off with the actress. Jesse James' Ex Says Daughter Loves Sandra Bullock

Sandra takes possession of the kids from Jesse James' first wife, Karla James, who had been watching the brood since the scandal erupted. Two of the children, Chandler and Jesse Jr., are her own. Which, admittedly, is kind of weird (Why aren't they with their biological mother?). Perhaps it is all for good ol' Sunny's sake. Who knows?

Anyway, another source, purportedly "very familiar" with the situation, is saying that "it's a positive sign about Sandra's relationship with Jesse."

Well yeah, sure. But we're not quite convinced that Jesse should get his hopes up too high. It could just be that Sandra is an amazing woman, a woman who is not inclined to casually dump her surrogate children just because their father went and screwed everything up.

Photo via Fame Pictures.