'Survivor' Producer Suspected Of Wife's Murder

Bruce and Monica Beresford-Redman

Did Bruce Beresford-Redman kill his wife? Her sister thinks so.

Bruce Beresford-Redman, a former Survivor producer and co-creator of MTV's Pimp My Ride, was detained by Mexican police yesterday as the prime suspect in his wife's murder.

Los Angeles-based couple Bruce and Monica Beresford-Redman, along with their two sons, traveled to Cancun over the weekend, apparently in an attempt to save their failing marriage. They were to return home on Thursday, but on Tuesday Bruce reported his wife missing, claiming that she left to go shopping on Monday morning and never returned. The search for Monica ended on Thursday—which would have been her 42nd birthday—when her battered body was found in a sewer near the Hotel Moon Palace, where the family was staying. Investigators say that Monica was beaten and then strangled to death.

Hotel staff told police that they witnessed Bruce and Monica having a heated argument on Sunday. And despite Bruce's story that he hadn't seen his wife since Monday morning, other guests reported that they heard the couple fighting in their room that night. Authorities also noticed scratches on Bruce's body.

Evidently, the Beresford-Redmans' marriage had been strained for months, ever since Monica discovered that Bruce was having an affair. According to Monica's sister Carla Burgos, Monica was considering a divorce, but reconsidered when Bruce admitted that the affair was a mistake and said he wanted to work things out. While the couple sometimes argued, Carla said that Bruce was never physically violent, adding, "I’m in shock. I never would have expected this to happen, not from him."

Although Bruce has not yet been charged with a crime, Carla is convinced that he murdered her sister. She told RadarOnline, "I’m sure now. There were witnesses who heard someone screaming and calling for help. [Bruce] also has scratches on his arm."

Scoop via LA Times and RadarOnline. Personal family photo of Bruce and Monica Beresford-Redman.