Lisa Ling's Miscarriage Made Her Feel Like a Failure

Lisa Ling

Six months after her private ordeal, Lisa Ling is bravely speaking out about her miscarriage.

Lisa Ling may have left her seat at The View years ago, but she recently reunited with her former co-hosts to publicly share her story of suffering a miscarriage. Although she and husband Paul Song "hadn't been trying that long" to get pregnant with their first child, they were shocked six months ago when their unborn child's heart stopped at seven weeks. Devastated by the loss, she's hoping to show other women who've been through it that they're not alone.

"Almost every one of my friends has had one at some point at one time or another, but nobody talks about it," said Ling, citing fellow celeb and E! News anchor Giuliana Rancic (who recently announced that she and husband Bill Rancic are trying to get pregnant again after she had a miscarriage earlier this year) as an inspiration for starting a dialogue on fertility issues. "I hope women can get to a place where they can finally talk about it because it's so great to find comfort in other people's stories and experiences and it's so common." Lily Allen Has A Miscarriage At Six Months

To give women a forum to do just that, Ling recently launched The Secret Society of Women, a confessional-style site that urges users to share their deepest secrets and get support from others. Ling was inspired in the wake of her own miscarriage, which she kept from her family and friends for a while in light of feeling like an "incredible failure." In the few weeks the site has been live, hundreds of women have contributed posts about everything from affairs to STDs to unsatisfying sex lives.

"One of the most popular topics is women not having sex with their husbands; it's shocking how many women have confessed to this," shares Ling. "If you think you're alone, chances are there are many, many other women that have had similar experiences." Mariah Carey Confirms Pregnancy, Past Miscarriage

We applaud Lisa for speaking out and helping others find healing through her efforts!