You Might Be Married And Not Even Know It!

married couple folding laundry

5 signs that your committed relationship is actually more like a marriage.

People are always asking how they'll know when they've found The One, when it's time to settle down for good and get married. But what I'm here to tell you is, you may already be "married" and not even know it.

I've been in an unmarried long-term relationship for years, which comes with its fair share of marginalization. No matter how long you've been committed to somebody, most people won't really recognize the capital-S Seriousness of your partnership without the "legally binding" part. Lemondrop: I Was Secretly Married

Look, guys—there are more things that bind two people together forever than a marriage license. As everybody who's been in a long-term relationship—married or not—knows, there's much more to being married than the piece of paper from the city hall. So I've prepared a some handy proof for us marrieds to keep on hand for the inquisitive and unbelieving.

Caution—if you're in a loving, committed partnership, you may be more married than you think.

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Written by CJ Arabia for Lemondrop.