Is It Time For A Relationship Rewind?

Cassette tape being rewound with a pencil

How to know if a dating do-over is for you.

Here's how it typically works:

1) I'm in a bit of a romantic rut.

2) I happen to see a name on my phone or email contacts or just randomly recall a face in the old mind's eye. This is typically someone I went out with, eventually slow-faded, and figured I'd never think about again. lemondrop: Revenge Sex—Why Getting Back At Someone (In Bed) Feels So Good

3) I am stricken with doubts. Did I do the wrong thing when I told her I was moving to western Nebraska to start subsistence farming? And hold up, why did I dump her again? I honestly can't remember! Who do I think I am dismissing perfectly non-defective women, Henry VIII?

4) I begin to romanticize this near-forgotten girl and dismiss the vague memory of her telling me an endless story about her sister's haircare line and what I'm fairly certain are some seriously unforgivable choices in reality television.

And just like that, I've convinced myself I made a terrible mistake.

Admit it: You've done this too—suddenly gotten the Hindsight Hots for a person whom you once lied to about having parvo so you didn't have to see "STOMP" with him.

But we're always reading wedding announcements (shut up) about married couples who (shut up) fell in love after an unsuccessful first go-around. So, let's do a little investigative work and break this down. Hopefully we can see when it is and is not the right move to contact your potential hindsight soul mate again. lemondrop: So Much For Settling—2/3 Of Americans Believe In Soul Mates

"CSI: This Old-Ass Relationship You Might Want to Try Again"
The first thing to remind yourself of is why you gave this person walking papers in the first place. (If he gave YOU walking papers, then stop even considering contacting him. Just don't. Let him go. He is still very, very sick with parvo.) lemondrop: Four Simple Rules For Texting A Guy

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