Should Leighton Meester And Ed Westwick Date?

Shoud Leighton Meester And Ed Westwick Date?

It was just this morning when we heard the news that Ed Westwick had dumped Gossip Girl co-star Jessica Szohr for her cheating-with-his-best-friend ways. Now we learn that Leighton Meester has stepped forward newly single... How convenient! Ed Westwick Dumps Jessica Szohr

Dear God, is it possible for a real life Chuck and Blair romance to bloom?

Seems so, as OK magazine is reporting that an ambivalent Leighton dumped a "heartbroken" Sebastian Stan because she "doesn't know how to be in a relationship and doesn't really like them." HA. More Gossip, Girl: A Leighton Meester Sex Tape?

Her jaded romantic sentiments will surely be welcomed company for a cuckolded Ed.

In other circumstantial proof of an impending romance, a Chuck/Blair on-and-off-the-screen romance would make logical sense as Leighton Meester continues to chase Blake Lively's fame. She had her off-screen romance with on-screen boyfriend Dan/Penn Badgley, now it's Blair/Leighton's turn, right? Or so would a jealous starlet's thinking go.

In addition, we can totally see an Ed Westwick attraction to a similarly-petite, good-looking brunette. It's not the girl who broke his heart, but similar... And he already knows how she likes to be kissed. Is Chuck Bass Slumming It?

Furthermore, of course, OF COURSE, Blair's off-screen personhood would be the one to swoop in on the misunderstood Vanessa's ex-boyfriend. In fact, we wouldn't doubt for a minute that it was Leighton posing as one of the "concerned friends" who spilled the beans about Jessica's flirtatious ways.

We can't wait for their love games to start!