Profile pics with sunsets.

Profile pics with sunsets.


I’ve noticed that a lot single men and single women dating online post pictures of sunsets on their dating profiles. I don’t understand this. You’re on, lavalife, yahoo personals or some other such site. You’re not on National Geographic.


As it stands saying, “love sunsets” on your dating profile is no more unique than “love to laugh”.  


Ask yourself this: have you ever heard someone say, “sunsets suck” or heard someone say that they saw an ugly sunset? You probably haven’t. That people love sunsets is a fairly universal sentiment unless you’re on death row and counting down. 


(Interestingly, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen “loves sunrises” for some reason.)


I suggest you remove the words “love sunsets” from your profile and use the sunset pictures as screen savers.  


If you really do want to include mention of sunsets then do so in a unique way by providing a vivid description of the most beautiful sunset you’ve seen, where it was and what you were doing when you noticed it. In short, bring a rich, personal touch to it so that the reader gets a glimpse of you rather than just a glimpse of the sun.

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