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A Vagina Speaks: A Deeper Understanding Of The Vagina

A Vagina Speaks

Introducing the Vagina

Hello, I'm a vagina and we need to talk. In order to understand me, you must first understand the vessel of which I am a part as I am simply a small part of a woman. Her mind is the most important part.

Women are multi-faceted and give off sparks of themselves. Look into a woman's eyes, talk to her, get to know her completely and let all her facets shine before you seek the sensual core.

Most woman have a strong mind-vagina connection. We are emotional creatures with fragile hearts and a natural need to love and nurture. I am simply a vagina. I am not the complete woman.

How Deep is My Love?

I am only a few inches in depth; maybe 3-½ to 6 inches deep. I am pliable, flexible and resilient. I can expand, adjust and contract. Most of my sensitivity and sensation is from nerve endings, which lay within the first few inches of my depths.