7 Must-Read Sex Tips

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Important sex tips to learn, practice and pass on.

Communication Is Key. It's shocking how many people don't get that you can't get off without comm-uni-cat-ing what you want. Reader emails have led me to believe there are a lot of sexually unsatisfied ladies out there lying in bed late at night waiting for the great sex life of which they have dreamed to, well, just happen. They're afraid to talk about what they want, how they want it, and how often they want it. Sometimes, a girl's got to man up and start the dialogue. If he can't handle your sexual requests, needs, and insights, I'm sure he can find a nice, quiet, sexually repressed girl to have sex with.

Let's Get Oral. When it comes to oral sex, you've got to give it to get it. "Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger says a man "will lay his life down for a good" BJ. I think Patti is right.

Know Thyself. If you don't know yourself sexually, how can you expect your partner to deliver in the sack? Masturbation will up your sexual IQ. Have fun getting enlightened.

Written by Susannah Breslin for The Frisky

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