Tiger's Latest Mistress Is His Neighbors' Daughter

Tiger Woods Raychel Coudriet

Tiger Woods' next-door neighbor Raychel Coudriet says he slept with her too.

Tiger Woods' comeback at the Masters tournament in Georgia has barely begun and it may already be skidding off the rails. Yet another woman he slept with who's not named Elin Woods told her story to the tabloids, and this may be the most reprehensible act on Tiger's part yet: The latest other woman is the daughter of Tiger and Elin's next-door neighbors, and she was 21 when he seduced her on a couch next to his baby's crib. Tiger Woods: Life Is Fun Again Without The Lies

Raychel Coudriet, who shares with Tiger's other women an inability to spell her name sensibly, is the daughter of the couple who live next door to Tiger and Elin's mansion outside Orlando—yes, the one Elin chased him out of at golf club–point last November—and Tiger and Raychel first met when Raychel was 14 years old. According to The National Enquirer, now our most trusted news source when it comes to men who will not control their penises, last May Tiger invited Raychel to a party, plied her with Corona, and then made out with her in his Escalade. Yes, the one he crashed into a fire hydrant when Elin chased him out of the house waving a nine-iron.

Raychel told the Enquirer they then had sex for two hours in Tiger's office down the road from his home and that he was "mechanical and unemotional." He later texted her wanting to hook up again, but Raychel apparently had an attack of the guilties about the fact that Tiger is married with two small kids and declined his further advances. She didn't go public with the story until mistress after mistress after skanky mistress coming out of the woodwork made her realize that she was just casual sex to Tiger. 7 Worst Mistresses Of All Time

"I felt used and violated, like I meant nothing to him but a night of casual sex," Raychel told the Enquirer, adding that they didn't use a condom. "I just wanted to dig a big hole, crawl in and die."

Yes, that is how this story makes us all feel. Like bathing in bleach, then dying. Raychel is currently a student at the University of Alabama, and Tiger is currently starring in a super creepy Nike ad while trying to make a comeback at golf's most prestigious tournament. And we're currently just disgusted with everyone.

Via The New York Daily News, Radar Online, and The National Enquirer. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.