Nebraska And North Dakota Have Most Cougar Towns

us cougar map

A new online dating survey found Nebraska and South Dakota have high numbers of cougars.

Heads up, Courtney Cox. has revealed two real states where women are most likely to flex their "cougar" muscles and seek out younger men: Nebraska and North Dakota.

To illustrate where older women harboring an inner wildcat reside, the website created a “heat map” (pictured to the left) of the US, highlighting the states where women are most likely to date younger men. Google De-claws Cougar

"The concept of older women dating much younger men, which in recent years has come to be known as the 'cougar phenomenon' is certainly prevalent in popular culture," says Dan Abelon, co-founder and president of "However, our findings confirm that many women do, in fact, become more assertive as they age and date younger men, especially starting at age 40."

According to these findings, by age 40, women on average prefer to meet younger men when dating online, and the average age difference between the sexes continues to increase after this point. In fact, it increases so much so that by age 60, women are more likely than men to start the conversation online. 5 Reasons Being A Cougar Rocks

But, can any woman dating a younger man really be considered a cougar?

We don't think so. The term is generally reserved for women dating men well their junior, as in 10 years junior. Not to mention, somewhere around the time the show Cougar Town came on the air, we're pretty sure the term "cougar" jumped the shark. What Should We Call Male Cougars?

What do you think about cougars? Do you feel like the phenomenon has jumped the shark?