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Impulse spending and related forms of instant gratification bring a temporary rush, however the long-term effect of the cost of comfort is that cash goes down the drain. Whether it is a matter of “keeping up with the Joneses” or partaking in smaller daily indulgences, impulse spending can challenge the best budgets, particularly during an economic downturn. Here are some suggestions that can help you keep the price of comfort to a minimum. Source of article - Five budgeting tips that help cut the cost of convenience by Money Blog Newz.


Don’t make such a mess


If you have the means to support small cleaning companies as part of your community, then by all means keep the wheels of the economy spinning. Don’t forget though, these are truly a luxury and not a necessity. You could conserve a lot of money by cleaning on your own, plus the added benefit of exercise.


Cut the cell phone extras


If you don’t want to admit it, your cell phone is a convenience cost; unless it is for business purposes. A VOIP phone and a land line are both much cheaper than any cell phone you can get.


Cut down the TV


Lots of people feel like they have a huge selection of TV shows, and nothing entertaining is on. TV addicts tend to have a TV in nearly every room of their house along with the selection of channels they will never watch. Read a book. Use the radio or Internet for news. Go outside and exercise. These choices are cheaper than television and better for you.


No have to go over the top on your car


Public transportation is convenient if you live in a city with a good grid design for the use. A reliable form of transportation is needed for school, work, or any obligation you may have. If you live in one of the numerous cities with a poor form of public transpiration, a personal car becomes a necessity. Buy what you need to get where you need, don’t waste money on pointless upgrades. If possible you need to ride a bike; it gives you exercise while saving the environment.


Cut back on eating out


Cooking should be a skill everyone possesses; unfortunately, most American’s simply have no idea how to do that. Simple meals aren't difficult, and as MSN Moneycentral reports, United States families with kids tend to spend $300 per month or more eating out each month. If you simply plan your meals, you can conserve thousands a year on dinning in.


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