Rielle Hunter: Making Wedding Plans?

Rielle Hunter

Elizabeth Edwards' passing may give Rielle wedding hopes...But will John go along with her plans?

It's been just a couple of days since Elizabeth Edwards has passed. And, while her family, friends and the public are all mourning her death, rumor has it that the mistress of John Edwards, Rielle Hunter, is eager to become the next Mrs. Edwards soon.

According to what we're reading, RadarOnline, which claims to have the exclusive scoop on the matter, quotes a source close to both Rielle and the Edwards family: "Rielle has been very patient through all of this. She still believes that John is her soul mate, and she thinks that they're going to get married."

OUCH. Now that's cold. And, if you ask us, hearing that Rielle seems eager to get her hooks into John immediately after his estranged wife's passing paints Rielle out to be a pretty calculating lady. But, what's to be expected when you're accused of breaking up what once appeared to be the perfect political couple? We can't say that we expected her to have a massive fan club, we'll tell you that. Is Rielle Hunter Cheating On John Edwards?

This twist does add yet another layer to the Elizabeth-John-Rielle saga. Plus, there was that whole rumor about her being on the hunt for a new man when it seemed like John was dragging his feet on marrying her... Yep. Rielle's not looking so hot right now.

But, the somewhat redeeming element here is that we're thinking thoughts of marriage are likely one-sided right now. Reportedly, John was by Elizabeth's side when she passed, which probably means his former wife is still at the top of his mind. And we're thinking that Elizabeth's wishes (and not Rielle's) will continue to be front and center for John right now as he mourns her death and spends time with his family. Did Elizabeth Edwards Forgive John Before Her Death?

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