Community: One Smart Way To Reconnect With Your Spouse

couple reading with baby

Before my husband and I said "I do," we didn't spend much time reading with each other. After our son was born we discovered great books we wanted to share with each other. An ironic placement of events, making time to read to each other with a new baby. I remember sitting on our comfortable patio chair, embracing the sunshine, the breeze, the smell of the fresh meat cooking on the barbecue, and my son's hand softly hugging me as I nursed him. My husband cooked as I read. Every day for six months we continued this ritual at lunch time. It has been easy for us to study and book-learn together as we support each other.

Three reasons as to why we should read with our partners:

1. Your bond strengthens as a couple. We are able to grasp different meanings of the reading and therefore have now shared something personal with each other. The bond has continued and deepens beyond the superficial level.

2. Read to me! I read aloud to my husband. He loves to listen to me and I love to storytell. I understand more of what is being said when I look at the words and my husband can comprehend by just listening. Couples have shared with me that it is a relaxing tool to replace watching T.V.

3. Grow as a couple. Stats have reinforced the glue marriages have when both have a high level of education. Couples fear growing apart and that fear reflects lack of initiating to assure success together without separation. When you learn as a couple, you grow as a couple. Make daily steps to assure enrichment throughout your life.

Remember your investment determines the value. When I invest in my relationship, no matter how subtle the investment, it is accumulative and raises the value that I see in our relationship. When my husband feels that contribution, he is grateful, more loving, and even more receptive.