Did Elizabeth Edwards Forgive John Before Her Death?

Elizabeth Edwards

According to reports, John Edwards was present as Elizabeth passed away.

When Elizabeth Edwards passed away on Tuesday, after losing a 6-year-long battle to breast cancer, her estranged husband, John Edwards, was reportedly by her side, leaving many to wonder if she had finally forgiven him.

Although the last years of John and Elizabeth's marriage had played out like a soap opera, (one with too many reoccuring appearances by a blonde named Rielle Hunter,) we wonder what it meant to Elizabeth that the man who had sweetly kissed her on the forehead after their first date, who later proposed with an $11 ring that she kept on for nearly the rest of her life, and, who had uttered "til death do us part" as he stood across from her in a gray tuxedo, surrounded by their family and friends in a small, Chapel Hill clapboard church, had finally kept at least one of his wedding vows?

Maybe, in spite of her filing for legal separation earlier this year, and all of the the hurtful betrayal that he had put between them, John being at her side at the end of her life was the true conclusion to their 30-year-long relationship. 6 Love Lesson From Elizabeth Edwards

"John said, 'Perhaps not the great love story that we hoped, but maybe a great love story nonetheless,'" Elizabeth recounted in an interview last year. "[It's] 'till death do you part - because that's what I want," she added.

Long before she ever became a part of modern day politics or an unsuspecting participant in tabloid scandal, Elizabeth Edwards could have been someone we knew: a military brat who grew up to be the smartest girl at law school, eventually fell in love with her charming classmate, and gave up her career to become a devoted mother to four - a woman, who even decades after her wedding, could still fondly recall the shade of apple green that she forced her bridesmaids to wear in 1977. This is how we'd like to remember her.

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