Jennifer Love Hewitt: The Type Who Gets Cheated On

Jennifer Love Hewitt

No wonder Jennifer Love Hewitt shot Cupid one day!

Jennifer Love Hewitt is the type of girl that men step out on, sharing with the world on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS FM radio show Tuesday that she has been cheated on "a lot" in her life.

"It's brutal," she said, adding: "Once I found out on television and that was awesome. And then another time I found them together ... and that was, woooo!"

Another time, and with another man, she admitted to finding out about the infidelity because she "had a feeling" and then "found phone stuff."

The girl has encountered it all. Why Do Men Cheat On Beautiful Women?

For some reason, this doesn't come as a surprise. For starters, let's look at her past relationships. Most recently, there's Jamie Kennedy, the stand-up comedian and Ghost Whisperer co-star who affectionately — and publicly — liked to call her "pear ass." Who else? Joey Lawrence, Carson Daly and John Mayer.

John Mayer? Mmmhmm, that's right.

And then there's this whole business about being a "self-proclaimed 'love-aholic' and hopeless romantic (her middle name is Love, after all,)" that can have some cynics saying, You know what? You really are the type of girl who gets cheated on.

She's a woman who vajazzles... who takes tiaras to the bathtub. She's sugar, she's spice, she's a pink feathered boa. She's in love with love and her middle name is Love and Oh my, Ponies! 9 Ways Celebrities Style Their Pubic Hair

But, she knows it. She knows she has had her "head in the clouds" when it comes to such stuff. As such, it's no wonder where she got the motivation to write The Day I Shot Cupid, the self-help book she penned to help women such as herself.

Here's her talking about the book. Enjoy: